The need for cyber security human resources is ever-growing. The latest figures show a global gap of 2.9 million cyber security professionals, according to the study delivered by ISC2 in December 2018.

The hiring process for skilled cyber security personnel can take up to 9 months and securing top talent has proven to be a tough challenge in a world where double digit salary growth Y/Y has become the norm.

At MLD Cyber Security, in our engineering hub, we provide a highly efficient solution with unparalleled flexibility. Through our hub you can get dedicated resources for an unlimited timeframe.

Looking to add a new cyber security incident responder to your team and you cannot wait another 6 to 9 months? You’d like to access the European talent pool but you do not have an office here? Finding top talent is always possible. Hiring is a different story.

We can provide access to our top talent through a variety of contracting opportunities:

  •  HUB : your future team member will be working from our physical offices, meeting all customer requirements in terms of privacy and security
  • Onsite: our top talent will join your team onsite faster than you can imagine
  • Remote: Adopted by major corporations, remote working has proven to be a great success story. Saving up to two hours in traffic, our staff is always happy to onboard remote working projects. We work with quite a few top cyber security consultants that will never move from their picturesque cities.

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