Experienced, Trusted, Dedicated Cyber Security Hub
Who we are

We are Committed to Protecting Our Clients

MLD Cyber Academy is a cyber security engineering hub built by corporate professionals with cutting-edge technologies. The hub brings together a wide range of experts in order to deliver a continuous stream of Cyber Security engineers.

We provide revolutionary cyber security solutions that go beyond traditional monitoring and detection systems, helping enterprises significantly mitigate and defend against future attacks.

Our team has the topknot members of the cyber security field; former officers from national and private banks and former collaborators of governmental agencies.


With over 12 years experience
in cyber security

Located in Frankfurt, London
and Bucharest

Our experience taught us that each cyber threat actor has its own operating procedure and a preferred set of Tools, Techniques and Procedures. 

Our very best engineers cover the absolute entire threat landscape, and each of our subject matter experts is strictly dedicated to 3 to 4 different operating procedures.

We understand attackers; we are constantly in their minds. To flip the asymmetry against attackers, you need to think like them, mimic and surpass their tactics.

We apply more than a decade of experience in cyber operations and constant analysis of threats, to build security against cyber threats and to defeat attacks. Our cyber security hub and academy can deliver multi disciplinary on site and online professional solutions for all cyber threats and incidents. From online trainings to dedicated engineers, our cyber team will ensure business security.

We are always in your corner, we have your back, we secure your network and your business!

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