Cyber Threat Intelligence Press analyst or internship role


We’re expanding our global Threat Intelligence team and we are looking for a CTI press analyst to join our team. Our most important resource is time, therefore if you do not meet yet our mandatory requirements, let’s talk about a more junior role or about your training path. We’ll talk figures and benefits as soon as you confirm the “must”.

Our new colleague must be able to:

  • Aggregate information from multiple data sources and identify unique, relevant cyber threat news near real-time. Name your tools.
  • Write a summary for each article.
  • Publish articles faster than the media.
  • Map articles to their corresponding category and importance level.
  • Publish daily summaries, based upon importance and category.
  • Learn fast.
  • Know how to use social media platforms: twitter, linkedin, facebook, instagram.

Our new colleague should be able to:

  • Understand each article published.
  • Define and refine the social media strategy for this newspaper.
  • Identify and implement improvements end-to-end.

Work locations are flexible. If you’re on the seaside, we’ll definitely want to meet every summer.

Interviews can happen over non-standard comm. channels. Let us know what you prefer.

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