Cyber Threat Intelligence Officer


We’re expanding our global Threat Intelligence team and we are looking to hire additional top CTI officers! Our most important resource is time, therefore if you do not meet yet our mandatory requirements, let’s talk about a more junior role or about your training path. We’ll talk figures and benefits as soon as you confirm the “must”.

Our new colleague must be able to:

  • Investigate Advanced Persistent Threats and map their complete infrastructures (resulting in interconnected IoC maps), starting from a single sample or IoC.
  • Uncover 0 day IoC for APTs or high profile threat actors.
  • Clearly present (speak and write) findings to juniors, peers and upper management.
  • Convert intelligence into actionable intelligence.
  • Learn fast.
  • Present a clear record and obtain security clearance as needed. It’s fine if you worked for the right intelligence agency.
  • Plan ahead and always deliver on time, regardless of location (hub/remote/client) and last minute overload.

Our new colleague should be able to:

  • Put a face and a name to the threat. If you’re given access to restricted information, are you confident you can figure out who is behind that multi-million dollar heist?
  • Convert Intelligence into Actionable Intelligence (patterns, EDR / detection / prevention rules).
  • Centralize intelligence and document historical research activity properly.
  • Make reports that read & look good.
  • Talk in and out about at least one cyber threat actor.

The above asks are easily achievable. They represent a brief summary of what our current TI officers do on a regular day.

Interviews can happen over non-standard comm. channels. Let us know what you prefer.

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